We decided to get married in Chris’s home state of Maine, and we chose a seaside resort that would showcase the best of Maine: beautiful water views and tons of seafood. We invited 200 of our closest friends and family, thinking that a lot of people might not be able to make the trip from all over the country. To our astonishment, almost everyone said yes. It was, as the saying goes, one of the best days of our lives (there’s a reason for the saying!).

We had a lobster bake rehearsal dinner where friends and family got up and gave hilarious toasts and made us play embarrassing games. 

​Expenses Paid

Home Study Approved


A family Thanksgiving at our place. That’s Chris’s family and Robert’s parents. 

Hiking in the great outdoors in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park, one of the most beautiful places we’ve been together.

Chris and Robert like to celebrate Christmas with their combined families! Here they are at Robert’s childhood home. In the back row, from left, you can see Chris, Robert, and Robert's cousins Timmy and Casey. Next there's Robert's brother-in-law Jon, and his sister Heather. In the middle row, from left, there’s nephew Keegan, Chris’s mom Susan, Robert’s mom Betsy, Robert’s aunt Jane, cousin Casey’s wife Emily, and nephew Connor. In the front are niece Reilly and nephew CJ.

Fulfilling lifelong dreams and seeing the ancient pyramids of Egypt—via camels, the Sahara Desert’s best transportation vehicles.

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Creative, Successful, Married Executives Promise Your Baby A Life Of Devotion, LOVE, Laughter, Happiness & Security

Robert’s Thoughts on Chris

In addition to being devilishly handsome, charming, witty, and smart, Chris is one of the most loyal people you’ll ever meet. There’s a reason so many people want to spend time with him and be around him, or ask him for help. He always makes time for people and wants to help them however he can, whether it’s giving job advice, editing a resume or job application, or helping someone figure out a personal or professional problem. I have always admired that about him, and as our lives have continued to get busier during the years we’ve been together, I admire it even more.

Robert is an incredibly supportive husband. He was thrilled to cheer on Chris during his first marathon in Philadelphia—and his second one in New York City the year later.

Chris visiting his pal EB’s new daughter, Anna.

Basking in the glow of having climbed up (and miraculously climbed back down) a Mayan temple in Central America.

Robert was proud to officiate the wedding of two of our best friends, Andrew and John-Scott. He even became a Universal Life Minister to do it!

Robert’s parents still live in the house where he grew up, which is an hour’s drive to where we live in Brooklyn. His sister, Heather and her husband Jon and four children, Keegan, Connor, CJ and Reilly, ages 8-16, live in nearby Connecticut. The kids come to our home for sleepovers and sightseeing weekends, and we love seeing the city through their eyes.

Also, two of Robert’s cousins (Casey and Sean) and their young children (Hudson, 1, Milo, 1, and Paxton, 1) live up the street from us in Brooklyn, so our child will have lots of cousins nearby.

Chris had a blast being a counselor to young boys at sleepaway camp for several summers.

Because we have been given so much, we feel that we should share that luck with another person. Our parents, teachers, family, and friends gave so much of their time, affection, and knowledge to make us the people we are today, and we want to be able to do that for a child too. 

We want to know about you!

We hope that reading about our life together has helped you get to know more about us and how a child would flourish so wonderfully into our care.

Now, we want to learn more about YOU – your wishes for your child, and what you want us to know about your life and your hopes. If you want to know more about us and tell us your own story, we hope you’ll contact us. 

If you have questions about us or would like more information about the process, you can also contact our attorney.

We’re so grateful that you’ve read this far, and we admire you for taking steps toward developing an adoption plan. We look forward to hearing more about you and what you want for your child.


Robert and Chris

After all the festivities ended, we honeymooned in Italy and each gained seven pounds. We learned how to make pizza in Tuscany and explored the canals of Venice. It was a combination of sightseeing, relaxing, culture, and food – just what we wanted.

In the time we have been together, Robert has gone to great lengths to take care of and protect me, as well. Three years ago, I was injured in a skiing accident. The recovery was long and very hard, and Robert was incredibly supportive throughout, helping me eat and bathe when I got out of the hospital.  During that period, he even had to shave my face for me. Nine months later, when I ran the New York City Marathon to celebrate, he organized my cheer squad, racing around the city himself to make sure he was there cheering for me with signs at as many different places as possible. I know that the nurturing patience with which he took care of me will help to make him an incredibly loving dad. He goes above and beyond to show me—and all of our friends, too—that we are loved.

We love to take our nieces and nephews to the theater. Here, Keegan and Connor see the Nutcracker for the first time!

Hanging in New Orleans with Robert’s cousin and her daughter. We love visiting family and friends all over the world.

Several years ago, Chris vowed to the run the New York City Marathon for the first time – that year! He set his goal in early February and he ran the marathon in early November. Chris can do anything he puts his mind to. He will encourage and support your child to have such confidence.

Please call/text anytime 1-800-989-6766


The Beginning of Our Story

While Robert was living in Washington, DC, one of his best friends, Alex, kept trying to get Robert to meet one of Alex’s best friends in New York. That person was named Chris. Alex was saying the same thing to Chris about his good friend Robert.

Robert finally sent an email to Chris to say hello. We started corresponding over email – talking about our day-to-day lives and everything else – and ended up meeting for coffee in New York when Robert came from DC for New Year’s. The meeting was a success and we continued emailing and talking.

About 18 months later, Robert moved up to New York for a job, and Chris asked if they could officially start dating the first day Robert lived in the city. Robert said yes, and 13 years later, here we are!

We love taking our nephews and nieces to museums all over New York City, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They love the reconstructed Egyptian temples and the collection of knights’ armor.

Robert always arrives with a book to read with our nieces and nephews. (Here he is with Conor and Chelsea, Chris’s brother’s kids).

Chris is a great teacher—no matter the subject. Here he builds a castle with Josey, the daughter of his best high school friend Suzanne.

Chris’s side of our family on Easter Sunday in Manhattan. From left: Sister-in-law Barin, brother Leigh, niece Chelsea, nephew Conor, Chris and Robert.

At Roberts cousin’s wedding, with (from left) our nephews Connor and Keegan, and niece Reilly in the light pink dress. Robert’s cousin’s daughter Aurelia is in a dark pink dress, and Robert’s cousin’s wife’s niece is in the blue.

Chris’s father, sister-in-law, and niece walked down the aisle together.

Robert reads to our niece Reilly.

We spend time with family whenever we can—and we all love the beach! From left, that’s Chris’s sister-in-law Barin, our nephew Conor, our niece Chelsea, Chris’s brother Leigh, Chris and Robert. 

Chris’s Thoughts on Robert

I first fell in love with Robert because he was so smart, funny, and thoughtful. We got to know each other over e-mail at first, and I loved the way he wanted to learn about the world and to make it a better place. He reads more than anyone I know, is a wonderful writer, and is always full of questions for every new person he meets. 

Robert is an extremely generous person who has spent many years working professionally at companies where he helps others live healthier, happier lives. One of the things I am most proud of about Robert is his integrity and the way that he treats other people; everywhere he works he becomes one of the most beloved people in the office, the one everyone comes to when they need help, guidance, and advice. 

In our vows to each other, we talked about raising kids together someday. Chris also pledged to check under the bed each night if Robert was scared after reading Stephen King novels before going to sleep.

Our Friends

We have many friends who come from all kinds of backgrounds and all kinds of places: friends we’ve met in New York, friends from college who either live in New York or somewhere around the world, and friends from growing up we keep in touch with. Now that we’re older, sometimes it seems like wherever in the world we might want to visit, we’ll probably have a friend there.

We have had the same core group of close couple friends since our early days in New York – a group we have taken many vacations with and have spent many holidays with – and we go out of our way to get together with them whenever possible. (Most of them have children, from newborn twins to a 7-year-old who was adopted).

Whenever Chris’s extended family gets together, there’s always a human pyramid! As you can see, there is room for a few more family members in the pile!

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We celebrate Christmas and Easter every year – incorporating our own traditions we’ve developed together as well as ones we grew up with. As the Christmas season descends upon New York, we have an annual dinner in Little Italy to the same restaurant we’ve been going to for over a decade. We visit Rockefeller Center to see the big tree, and we walk up and down Fifth Avenue to gaze at the decorated windows in the big department stores. We’ve taken our nephews to do this for many years, and we can’t wait to share these experiences with your child

Our immediate families gathered for our wedding. From left, here is Jon, Robert’s brother-in-law, Heather, Robert’s sister, Bob, Robert’s dad, Betsy, Robert’s mom, and Robert. Then there’s Chris, Chris’s mom Susan, Chris’s dad Robert, Chris’s sister-in-law Barin, and Chris’s brother Leigh.

Christmas morning still happens in Robert’s parents living room—where he used to open presents when he grew up, too

For the wedding itself, we were married by one of our best friends, Matt, and wrote our own vows, and included in them the fact that we each wanted to have a family. Later, we danced for hours to an amazing soul-themed band and took over a restaurant in town for an after-party.

Robert uses any excuse to make a cake or a pie—preferably with sprinkles!

​Us! Chris is on the left and Robert is on the right.​

Chris grew up with two parents, Rod and Susan, and an older brother, Leigh, also near the ocean. The beaches in Maine are rocky, so it’s not really safe to swim. Instead, he and his brother and friends would run around and play imaginary games on the rocks and collect sea glass and driftwood. Chris’s favorite thing was to pretend to be wizards and warriors like in all of the fantasy novels he loved to read. Chris’s father was a lawyer and his mother was a schoolteacher. Chris’s Grandpa Bob is from Mexico City, so Chris spent many vacations in Mexico with his family there.

Chris’s parents divorced when Chris was 11, and he lived with his mom for the rest of his childhood. She made it a point to take him and his brother to see the world, and they enjoyed many memorable trips including a bus tour of Ireland, a week on a dude ranch in Colorado, a whitewater rafting trip through the Grand Canyon, and a camping trip to Yosemite National Park. There were such fun times, and we hope to share our love of travel with a child of our own.

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Robert and Chris play with our nephew Conor.

Chris with his best friends from college: EB, Alex, and Mandi, who all live in the city and have young kids (here, Charlie, Anna, Peter, and Nicky).

Chris hangs out with our niece Chelsea at her cousin’s wedding.

Chris and Robert at our nephew’s 2nd birthday. From left: Robert, Chris’s sister-in-law Barin, Chris’s niece Chelsea, Chris’s brother Leigh, Chris’s mom Susan, Chris holding his nephew Conor, Chris’s stepmother Mary, and Chris’s dad Rod.

Some of our favorite Halloween costumes from our 13 years together.

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Chris crowns our Christmas tree each year with Robert’s favorite ornament, the Snow White angel.

Robert meeting his cousin’s newborn in 2019. Our cousins with kids live just up the street from us in Brooklyn.

Our niece was our (very fast-walking) flower girl!

Together, we’ve traveled to countries including Brazil, Austria, Greece, Belize, England, France, and Italy. We’ve visited friends in California and family in New Orleans. We go to Chicago to see Robert’s college friends, and we try to attend as many weddings as we can, with the most recent one being in Spain. Since Robert loves history so much, we have explored ancient ruins together in many different countries. Two years ago, we both fulfilled lifelong dreams of going to Egypt to see the pyramids and King Tut’s tomb, and take a cruise up the Nile River. It was a dream come true and it was on that trip that we decided we were ready to adopt.

Robert was the first person to visit our friend Kent and Charlie’s new baby, Benay.

Robert and Heather grew up with four cousins down the road. They were so close they were essentially his other siblings, and they celebrated almost all of their birthdays together. The two families shared a vacation cabin in Eastern Pennsylvania, and they spent winter breaks skiing and ice skating, as well as getting into some (mostly harmless) trouble.

Since he grew up just south of New York City and could see the city skyline from his town, he dreamed of living there someday. His father, who worked in the city, took him into New York often to see Broadway shows and go to museums – helping Robert develop a love of culture that brought him back to the city full-time in 2007.

Us with some friends after a very wet (and fun) 10K in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

Our Wedding

After we had been committed together about six years, Robert’s sister Heather and her husband Jon asked Chris and Robert to come to Connecticut to become godparents to their young children. On the way up for the Sunday ceremony, Robert planned a wonderful Saturday full of our favorite things to do, like hiking, shopping at antique stores, and going for a big steak dinner. At the end of the day Robert proposed with a pair of silver cufflinks, and Chris said yes right away. 

It was a weekend that brought our whole family closer together. 

We love a reason to dress up, celebrate, and connect with friends and family – and what better way to do that than to celebrate every holiday possible?

We dress up in costumes for Halloween every year and celebrate with friends and their kids, even if we’ve aged out of the trick-or-treating game… We look forward to having fun with your child as we help him or her choose a costume and then go with us around our neighborhood in search of candy. (It is a great place for getting lots of treats! Our neighbors take Halloween VERY seriously.)

Robert’s sister surprised him with a funny toast—dressed as his childhood hero, Snow White. Their dance was to the “Snow White” song “Someday My Prince Will Come,” which she said had come true—in the form of Chris!

Chris is also the first one to say, “Let’s try this!” If I want to do something but think it might be too complicated or tricky, Chris talks me through how it would work – and then we do it. If there’s a vacation I’ve talked about for years but never got around to taking, Chris one night will say, “Let’s plan that vacation!”

I know these qualities will help him be a wonderful dad – a dad a child will know he or she can rely on and feel safe with, and also a dad who will encourage many adventures.

Robert hanging with two of our nephews at his sister’s house in Connecticut. We visit often.

New York is magical at Christmas!

When someone has something to celebrate – a new job, a promotion, the arrival of a child – we celebrate with them.

When someone encounters roadblocks – a job loss, the death of a parent, or another setback – we are there for each other, whether it’s traveling to a memorial service, taking someone out to dinner, or just being an ear to listen on the phone. Our friends are the family we got to choose for ourselves, and we feel so lucky to have such amazing ones. Your child will have lots and lots of “aunties” and “uncles” around all the time!

Our Lives Before We Met

Robert knew he wanted to explore a different part of the country beyond the East Coast, so he went to Chicago to get a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and went on to get his Master’s Degree in Journalism as well. He started as a reporter and editor at a newspaper in London before settling in Washington, DC, where he wrote speeches and created websites for people focused on making sure all Americans have health care coverage.

Chris went straight to New York City after getting a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Creative Writing and began working in newspapers, following his love of writing and journalism. He learned the trade first at a New York City newspaper, and then worked as a writer and editor at several magazines. His work has taken him all over the world, from South America to the Middle East. In 2007, he lived in Spain for half a year on a Fulbright Scholarship. 

Us listening to Chris’s brother tell funny stories about Chris’s childhood. Our wedding was a great balance of funny, serious, loving, and DANCING.

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This is Chris’s loving mom, Susan. She lives nearby and plans to be a huge part of your child's daily life. She adores kids. Here she is with Chris’s brother’s children Conor and Chelsea.

Every year on the night before Thanksgiving, we head to our friend’s place that overlooks the staging area for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, watching with a bunch of friends and their children as the balloons are blown up.

The next morning, as Robert (the baker) and Chris (the cook) put together an elaborate Thanksgiving meal for our family, we spend the morning with the parade on TV. Robert attended the parade as a kid and can’t wait to take your child. Later in the day, our family comes over and we stuff ourselves with Robert’s famous pumpkin pie and Chris’s famous brined turkey.

Many of our close friends have small children. Chris is always the first person to put a baby on his lap!

On a weekend trip to Connecticut we stayed with our friends and their baby. From left, our friends Kent and Charlie, Chris and Robert, and buddies John Scott and Andrew.


We’re thrilled that we have so many close family members in our lives – and that we’re a part of their lives. Chris’s brother, Leigh, our sister-in-law, Barin and their two young children, Chelsea and Conor live close to us in New York City. Chris’s mother, Susan also recently moved to New York and is enjoying all the city has to offer – including helping Chris’s brother care for his children. Susan loves being a grandma! She is very, very excited to be a really involved grandma with your child, too. We spend holidays with everyone and take them on fun adventures to museums and to the park on weekends. 

Since we both grew up loving writing and storytelling, we’re thrilled to have careers that allow us to pursue that. We both have short commutes to work and so neither of is ever too far away to head home.

How We Play

We take full advantage of New York City and our Brooklyn neighborhood. We love all kinds of performing arts – Broadway shows, concerts, the opera, dance, and more. We see all kinds of exhibits at museums, from big blockbuster shows about major painters to small gallery exhibits featuring obscure artists.

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Us meeting our neighborhood friend Christine’s baby, Theo, a few years ago. It’s been fun to watch him grow up.

A few weeks before Christmas we buy a tree from the same little seller in our neighborhood, carrying it home together along the sidewalk (instead of strapping it to the roof of our car like we did with our parents!). We collect ornaments from every place we travel, so each year as we decorate the tree it’s fun to think about where we’ve been together. And since Robert was obsessed with Snow White as a kid, he asks Chris to crown the tree with a Snow White angel. We can’t wait to add ornaments to honor important moments in the life of your child. Both of us put out cookies and milk for Santa when we were kids, and we’d like to continue that tradition with your child.

We often spend Christmas morning at Robert’s parents’ house, where Robert’s sister’s four kids typically spend the day, too. It’s fun to get up early since the kids can’t sleep, and then watch them tear into the presents under the tree. We love giving them books and lots of toys. Chris’s mom and several of our cousins also come over to celebrate. Your child would have a great time as part of this mix each Christmas morning.

Life Growing Up

We both grew up on the East Coast and around water – Chris just outside of Portland, Maine, and Robert in Central New Jersey on the Jersey Shore.

Robert grew up with two parents, Betsy and Bob, and an older sister, Heather, in a house that was a 10-minute walk to the beach. He’d spend hours bobbing up and down in the ocean and was a member of a swim team. He also played on local sports teams, and loved tennis. In high school he edited the school newspaper and literary magazine, instilling in him a love of writing and editing. He was also on the Homecoming Court!

We look forward to exposing your child to the many activities that we enjoy. But we also want you to know that if our child expresses an interest or a talent that’s different from something we currently know about, we’ll make every effort to help him or her pursue that activity – just like our parents did with us. For example, both of us have no musical talent whatsoever, and it’s our dream that your child would be interested in pursuing an instrument or singing!

During our wedding vows we pledged to each other that we’d see the world together – and we have. We value planning vacations where we see and learn about new things, but we also value returning to places that have special meaning to us. We look forward to traveling with your child and taking him or her back to visit some of our favorite places like London, Paris, and Cairo – as well as explore new places as a family.

Please call/text anytime 1-800-989-6766


Robert’s sister Heather, her husband Jon, and their kids Keegan, Connor, CJ, and Reilly visit us in New York several times a year. Here we are visiting the Statue of Liberty (with the city skyline in the background) and showing our nephews and niece some big constructions projects.

Walking down the aisle in front of our family and friends was one of the best moments of our lives!

New York has so much to offer children: parks, children’s museums, art museums, theater, concerts, every kind of lesson, unbelievable educational opportunities and so much more. 

We can’t wait to expose your child to as many things as possible so that he or she can find their own talents and passions.

We love each other very much and we feel very lucky to have the life that we have built with each other. We have a beautiful home that’s full of light and plants that blossom into flowers every springtime, and financial stability that allow us to live comfortably and see the world in a way that’s meaningful for us. We are healthy and surrounded by family. 

We each celebrate our birthdays in ways that reflect our personalities: Chris, as the more social one, invites 200 friends and family to a local restaurant, where we can catch up over a Sunday afternoon. Robert tends to have a small dinner with close friends (but secretly loves Chris’s huge party so he can see lots of his friends at once).

We also write letters to each other every Christmas, Valentine’s Day, on our birthdays, and on our anniversary (September 20) every year. We like the tradition because it makes a point to take some time to celebrate each other and the life we’ve built together. We save these notes to keep a history of our life as a family. We can’t wait to include your child in this tradition.

Chris has loved to run all his life and competed on the cross-country team through his school years. He loved theater and writing, too, acting in plays and writing stories with his friends. When he was 14, he went to a boarding school in New Hampshire, where he worked at the student newspaper and rowed on the crew team. During high school and college, he was a counselor at a wilderness summer camp for boys in Maine. He taught sailing and swimming to boys ages 7 to 11, and took care of a cabin of seven kids. That’s how he learned he loved to work with and care for children.

Volunteering has always been a part of Chris’s upbringing, too, and when he was little his mother would take him and his brother to serve food at a local Christian soup kitchen once a month. In high school he ran the school’s volunteer group, and mentored in a local elementary school.

Please call/text anytime 1-800-989-6766


Robert in work event mode.

We both like to stay in shape: running is a passion for Chris, and Robert likes to take bootcamp classes to work up a good sweat.

We both also love to read, and our home is jammed full of all kinds of books. Robert reads several new ones a month and is obsessed with everything from Stephen King novels to histories about Europe and Russia. Chris still loves his fantasy novels and is working on writing one of his own. When Chris was young, his mom would sit in the hallway between his and his brother’s bedrooms and read them books every night, and Chris can’t wait to continue that tradition with your child. 

Why we want to devote ourselves to a child

The two of us feel like we have a tremendous amount of love to give to a child. We spend a lot of energy trying to help others and bring joy to people’s lives, and after several years of talking it over together, we have grown sure that this is God telling us that means we should devote our lives to a kid! We know that we could provide a happy and healthy home, full of imagination and fun and learning. We would like to show your child the world, and to surround him or her with our wonderful family and ­­friends. We’d read books to them like our parents did for us, and take them to the playgrounds in our neighborhood. 

Please call/text anytime 1-800-989-6766


Chris helps our niece Chelsea set up our Christmas present to her: Her very own princess castle!

Hello, we’re Robert and Chris. 

First, we want to thank you for taking the time to read about us. We’re eager to tell you about our lives in the hopes that we can connect with one another – and be considered to be the right family for your child.

Second, even though we haven’t met yet, we know you have to be a courageous person to consider an adoption plan for your child.  We admire you for taking this step. 

We are a loving couple who has built a wonderful life together over the past 13 years, own our home, and we hope that what you see will help you get a clear sense of who we are – and the great parents we believe we’d be. We imagine that selecting the best family for your child might feel intimidating so we want you to know how grateful we are to you that you are considering making a couple who is not able to have a child on their own parents. Again, we think you’re courageous for starting the process and we would be honored and thrilled should you choose us. We love children and have always dreamed about becoming parents.

After reading about us, please reach out if you have questions, if you’d like more information, or if you’d like to start talking about getting to know us better. Thanks for your time reading this– we’re very grateful.

Our Neighborhood

New York City is a great place to call home -- and to raise a child. Four years ago, we bought our home in Brooklyn with starting a family in mind.  We live near a big playground, several theaters, great restaurants, and tons of families. You can’t walk a block without seeing a stroller. The neighborhood is full of our friends and colleagues, many of whom have young children. 

We're close to the Brooklyn Museum (lots of mummy exhibits) and Prospect Park, which features several great playgrounds, a zoo, and a beautiful botanic garden we love to visit. Every day in spring, summer, and fall it’s full of families picnicking, listening to live music, and playing sports. And since it’s so easy to get everywhere in New York from our neighborhood, we can easily get to lots of other communities for great ethnic food and tons of other activities. 

How We Work

Our careers are successful so now we have the benefit of focusing on our family. We have found jobs we’re truly passionate about and will allow us the flexibility to be really involved parents. Both of our jobs have very generous parental leave benefits. And, with Chris’s mother, Susan close-by and involved, we’ll always have loving, caring… fun Grandma backup.

Chris is an editor and writer for a magazine, and Robert creates communications strategies for companies and organizations working on the front lines to improve public health.